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Take a look at the process of building a marble, travertine, or rectified porcelain mud set floor with Paradise Remodeling.

It all starts with clean builders sand and Portland Cement.


With cracked concrete to start with you MUST use a Crack-Isolation membrane.

2-674x800One-at-a-time - 'thin-set' on the back of each tile to be laid.

2a-Mud-SetThen 'thin-set' on the space on the floor where the tile is to be placed.

3-Mud-Set-650x870Portland and sand mixed 'damp' put over the thin set so everything bonds together.


Evening out the Portland and sand - The "Mud" in mud-set.

6-Mud-SetThe Mud all leveled out ready to receive the tile

7-Mud-Set-800x600-1The tile is installed 'gently' then set down slowly with a rubber hammer or other device.

IMG_0012-650x870The excess Mud and thin set is removed leaving a clean edge for the next tile to begin.

IMG_0018-800x597The next day the grout is rubber troweled on.


The 'Product'- a perfectly flat and beautiful floor of Marble, Porcelain or Travertine.

Tim Macksey
By: Tim Macksey

Having been raised in the building and land development business I was always was very curious about how the buildings fit together. Entertained by craftsmen for hours on end, learning through watching, questioning and then doing many of what was seen in my father's workshop. Seeing projects evolve from nothing into wonderful buildings and environments as a result of my hands and vision invigorates me to this day.


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