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Take a look at how we were able to transform this home using LED Lighting and texture. The details make the home come to life from every angle.

Three views of the same room

Notice the difference in the mood, atmosphere and ambience of the space. It all depends on the amount of light and its dramatic effect on the textures used.

1. Daylight with a small amount of LED lighting


2. Notice the difference in the ‘feel’ of the room at dusk


3. The night light creates a dramatic effect on the room and those in it.


A different daylight view.

A show case of the two textures side by side.

L2-800x533A framed shot of the textured accent wall.

wall2-800x533-2Look closely at the wave texture in daylight – it’s almost mesmerizing.

T2-800x533-2 The texture dramatically increases with the amount of light and time of day.

T3-800x533The cubic texture creates a contrast that one has to see to fully appreciate.


Tumbled river rock frames the bathtub.


Close up.

Tim Macksey
By: Tim Macksey

Having been raised in the building and land development business I was always was very curious about how the buildings fit together. Entertained by craftsmen for hours on end, learning through watching, questioning and then doing many of what was seen in my father's workshop. Seeing projects evolve from nothing into wonderful buildings and environments as a result of my hands and vision invigorates me to this day.


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